Saturday, January 23, 2016

GE Threatre - I'm A Fool with - Roy Glenn, James Dean, Eddie Albert, Natalie Wood, Ronald Reagan

The best thing about this episode for me was the beautiful baratone voice of Mr. Roy Glenn. Mr. Glenn plays Burt.

Some reviewers have said that James Dean is not so good because he mumbles his lines and even stumbles over them sometimes,
but that is exactly how someone in his postition would speak. Whether on purpose or not, it makes his part more believable.

His mother tells him that if he puts up a good front he can have the world.
Unfortunately, instead of being content to be himself in the world he has entered and seems to have succeeded in, he pretends to be someone he is not.
Burt warns him about that, but he doesn't listen. Being untrue to himself brings him only misery and embarassment.

But, perhaps the biggest lie he has told himself is that it would have made no difference to Lucy if she had known he was a stable boy.
In those days she would not have even spoken to him if she had known who he really was.
Reviewer: richgoup - favoritefavoritefavorite - December 28, 2011
Subject: I`m a Fool (General Electric Theater).
Season 3, episode 8.
Original air date: 14 November 1954.
Cast: Eddie Albert (Narrator), James Dean (The Boy), Natalie Wood (Lucy), Roy Glenn (Burt), Eve March (Mother), Leon Tyler (Wilbur), Gloria Castillo (Elinor), Fiona Hale (Mildred) and Ronald Reagan (Himself- Host).
From IMDB.
Original air date: 14 November 1953. Less than two years later, (September 30 1955), James Deane will die in a terrible car accident at 24.

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