Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Theodore's Open Garden Backyard Cell Phone Repair Shop

MEMPHIS TN (IFS) -- When little mishaps happen, it's a live changer for that moment.  Theodore's Smartphone repairman has more business than he can handle, and he needs your help by becoming a smartphone repair person for your career.  The machines are here to stay and they are only getting smarter.

Now is your chance to train yourself in a couple of weeks to become a person of importance when your new client sends you their smartphone that dropped in the stew, or you need to turn your phone in to somebody when you are finished with it.

Here's a People's cellphone flea market:

Yes.  They all worked at one time and possibly still working for the citizens who just want a cellphone just with simple controls.
We can fixed those too.

Every Cell Phone is Different and must be repaired according too its manufacturers guidelines and quality parts,

Got Questions:  We Got you an answer!!

Friday, October 9, 2015

Felicia Carrie - The Felica Carrie Networks

MEMPHIS TN (IFS)--It's been to long, and much too long a time, as Ms. Felicia Carrie, CEO and President of her own Felicia Carrie Networks, will tell you.  It all started with just one small internet radio station, and then the floor fell in.

Carrie is one of a hand full of people to have a court case in the California Supreme Court as a regular citizen and then win.

Against all odds, Carrie was dropped from a case where she was considered by her attorney that she was a "Conflict of Interest" and she paid the bill and he kept the money. . . all of the money!

In California and many other states, most lawyers have a code of conduct, that really takes up for the attorney, where they will not file a file suit against another attorney.

Carrie was denied counsel because one attorney had technically placed a hold on her case without her.  It was a hard blow to the single mother and unemployed.  Carrie watched as her case started to slowly be eroded away by time itself.  She had only 45 days to get a hearing with the Supreme Court of California when she found out that, you can only sue your lawyer or ex-lawyer through the State's Supreme Court.

Homeless and penniless, Carrie found herself living in a shelter for woman and had just got her new apartment, when life was just going to start for her.  A total meltdown and where do you start or better, how are you going to start a case against your attorney and when you have never seen a legal brief in your life that has anything to do with the Supreme Court of California.

First, there was a lot of crying, and a lot of attorneys who would not even listen to her case. However, she had one friend that was in class with her, when she explained her problem.   It was just clear, that her lawyer friend was not going to get into the fray of attorney's battles and at the Supreme Court level.  She really did not have enough money for this battle.

It's a kiss of death in the legal field, if you loose.  Armed with what she had to do and where to get examples,  Carrie started her long journey to the Supreme Court for a showdown.
She estimates that she went through four (4) black ink cartridges of a high capacity Hewlett Packard printer, including six (6) reams of paper and lots of coffee.

The Supreme Court of California requires that when you are issued a case number, you will have to submit to the Chief Justice and the Court, Twelve (12) copies and they had to send by United States Postal Services registered.

To make a long story very short, Carrie's brief placed a hold on the case, and had the attorney do a re-evaluation of the case law, and reverse any and all charges do Ms. Carrie.

It has been over three (3) years ago, Ms. Carrie, is just barely understanding the fury in the Supreme Court, when a regular person from the street defeated an attorney and won it all back.

With that type of spirit, Ms. Carrie, launched her Felicia Carrie Networks over three (3) years ago, and little by little, she managed to lead her brand right up to the top.  Be listening for Carrie's new Radio and Television show on the net in the next couple of weeks.

Carrie also adds that she will also develop  a clothing line, a young girls makeup kit, magazine and television in the near future.  At present, Carrie is busy helping to design cell phone applications (APPS). for several name brands on the market.

FCN Networks is distributed by SDC OmniMedia Group, Memphis, TN.

Monday, October 5, 2015

Merrell Fankhauser - Signals From Malibu

This legendary guitarist was given some mysterious radio signals recorded underwater off the coast of Malibu. 

Not only were they eerie and mysterious, but they were inspirational as well, as Merrell Fankhauser heard music within and chose to write songs working off what he was hearing from these strange signals.

Also fun is that he chose to work mostly in the terrain he got started in back in the early sixties instrumental surf guitar.  

He does a wonderful job with these ten songs offering a variety of moods, subtle stylistic shifts, and interesting arrangements.

But it his relaxed west coast sensibility that brings a calmness to these melodies, even on the nice rockers like ‘Mysto Spot’.

This is a lovely little treat to fill out your Merrell Fankhauser record collection. He is still going strong and is definitely one of the most interesting musicians that all too few people have heard of, despite over 50 years in the business. It is not too late to get your ticket
for your space age ride with Merrell Fankhauser.