Sunday, January 17, 2016

FCC's Commercial Radio Broadcaster's Code - Pulls the Plug on 250,000 US Internet Radio Stations as of January 31, 2016

Radio News (more headlines) 01-17-2016

SDC Digital Radio Networks Will Close Its Doors To Receiving Any And All Music For Its Broadcast Shows

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SDC DIGITAL RADIO NETWORKS, SDC RADIO NETWORKS THAT INCLUDE STARMEDIA RADIO ONE, KDTN RADIO ONE, SDC RADIO ONE, SDC RADIOMIXX and SDC DIGITAL ONE has been one of Live365's most successful radio broadcasting units in the history of internet radio.

As things, the good, the bad and the ugly internet radio stations on this platform is now history and we appreciated each and everyone that had a little joy added to their lives each and everyday. It was truly a labor of love.

We introduced the world to many new artists and help create lasting legacies among many fans and artists.

It has been a great blessing as well as having something to do as reviewing great music and programming them on our flagship stations.

So what this all means is that every internet radio station is considered a full radio station and is subject to all the rules of the FCC's COMMERCIAL RADIO BROADCASTERS code.

This means that every internet radio station originating from the United States has to pay all royalties as the brick and mortar stations.

So the note from Team Live365 as follows:

1. The CRB ruling handed down in December, 2015 did NOT renew or address the expiration of the small webcaster percentage of revenue plans. At this time there is no small webcaster options except for full CRB rates.

2. Live365's long time investors have stopped funding us. As a result, we are no longer able to sustain our service.

We are sad that we are closing our doors at the end of this month. There are always possibilities that we can come back in one form or another, but at this point in time, January 31, 2016 is the last day that Live365's streaming servers and website will be maintained and supported.

This is a surprise to us as it is to all of you. We are proud that Live365 was a pioneer in the streaming music business and have provided a platform to hundreds of thousands of broadcasters to have a voice over the years.

Unfortunately, the SDC DIGITAL RADIO FAMILY must say good bye. Thank each and everyone of you again for listening to us.

Kenneth Howard Smith,
SDC OmniMedia Group

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