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Slums of Beverly Hills [HD] (1998) - Carl Reiner - Natasha Lyonne, Marisa Tomei, Alan Arkin, Bryna Weiss - Rita Moreno - SDC Television

Slums of Beverly Hills [HD] (1998) - Carl Reiner - Natasha Lyonne, Alan Arkin, Bryna Weiss - Rita Moreno - SDC Television from brtiAmerica on Vimeo.

Vivian's family are penniless nomads, moving from one cheap flat to another in Beverly Hills so she and her brothers can attend the city's schools. 

Uncle Mickey sends them money to survive. When Mickey's daughter Rita runs away from an asylum, Vivian's dad offers shelter to her if Mickey will pay for a plush flat. 

Vivian must babysit her adult cousin, making sure she gets to nursing school and avoids pills and booze. But Vivian has her own problems: she's curious about sex, likes an older neighbor kid, has inherited her mother's ample breasts, and wants a family that doesn't embarrass her. 

Can she help Rita, keep Uncle Mickey happy, and feel OK about her body and her family?

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PLUTO's TV Live Games, Coverage & More!


Live Games, Coverage & More!

CH 207
We know that following your favorite sports is a full-time passion. So, we’ve gone full-time with our newest channel, Stadium (Ch. 207). On Stadium, you’ll find original programming, in-depth coverage and analysis, and full live games! You no longer need an expensive cable subscription, or to go scrolling through an NFL team play book’s worth of websites to find your sports coverage.

Get inside analysis, opinion, and breaking news on The Rally, all the NFL coverage you could want on Inside the League, comprehensive coverage of college games on Campus Insiders and starting September 2nd, LIVE NCAA games!

All this plus special coverage of big events like NCAA Football kickoff weekend and the Mayweather-McGregor fight. Get your popcorn ready, Citizens! Stadium (Ch. 207) is kicking off today!
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Billy Foster - I'd Rather Go Blind and Remembering Glenn Records in Palmdale CA

Beyonce Knowles and Billy Foster at Movie Opening of "Cadillac Records".

Billy Foster written "I'd Rather Go Blind" and was recorded by Rod Stewart, Etta James, Beyonce Knowles (for the film "Cadillac Records" starring Adrian Brody). He has performed with The Coasters with Dick Clark's Good Ole Days of Rock N Roll Shows and with his group, The Vernon Greene Medallions who recorded the original single, "The Letter".  Foster, still retains the crown as the only singer from the Antelope Valley to have had a song that has sold over 20 Million records to date.  However, there are several AV artists that are closing the gap.

On the celebration of Glenn Records of Palmade California, Foster remembers cutting several demos at the studio that he would put on the plane to Muscle Shoals Alabama for his wife to record when she was in and out of the studio.  Foster played many dates with Kenneth Howard Smith (Kenny Smith and Ricky Perrine, in their Purple Olive band from Rosamond.)  Foster is the first cousin of The Charles Graves Family who founded the town of Rosamond and donated all the land that all the public schools are built on.  Foster was raised in two cities, Los Angeles and the Antelope Valley.

There has been many popular people and groups that have come out of the Antelope Valley, including John Wayne, Judy Garland, Jane Reynolds, Frank Zappa, Don VanVliet (Captain Beefheart), Merrell Fankhauser, All 4 One, George Weston, Don Ramon G., The Others, Mallard, ? Mark and the Mysterians, The Dartells, The Chevels, HMS Bounty, The Bountys, Mothers of Invention, Chapter 17, Velvetones, The Flying Burrito Brothers, and the list goes on and on. . . from those golden days of the Antelope Valley.

Foster also is known for being the member of Vernon Greene and the Medallions with the hits "Buick 59" and "The Letter". Billy has recorded with the Medallions' since 1957. Billy's falsetto voice was one of the highest registered notes recorded in the song "Behind The Door", an original by the Medallions. He is currently the group's manager. 

In 1948, as a child actor, he performed in the motion picture musical "Carmen Jones". He attended Idyllwild School of Music & Arts, in California where he additionally has written and produced shows with artists such as The Drifters, The Coasters, John Lee Hooker, Etta James, Mary Wells and comedian/talk show host, Rosie McDonald. 

As the co-author of the hit song "I'd Rather Go Blind" recorded by previously mentioned world renown artists and many others. The most recent release of "I'd Rather Go Blind" will be released in the Sony Pictures release of "Cadillac Records" by Beyonce. 

Foster's song of "High Low Low Road" depicts his experience with drugs and alcohol, which has lead to his miraculous recovery, spiritually mentally, emotionally, financially and in his relationships.

As a recovered champion after his close bout with the illness, Billy has lived on to help others with inspiration for both men and women who have suffered and are still suffering from similar experiences. 

As the director of "Chains of Love" and Brother's Big House," Foster provides a drug and alcohol-free homes for men and women in Los Angeles.

Do you play live?
Yes. Japan, London, Germany, Korea and Thailand.

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Merrell Fankhauser And The Exiles, The Velvetones, and Fapardokly - The Lost Desert Tapes

by Beverly Paterson/2014

Merrell Fankhauser And The Exiles, The Velvetones, and Fapardokly "The Lost Desert Tapes" (Ocean Records, 2014)

Since the early sixties, Merrell Fankhauser has been cranking out a steady stream of exceptional music, encompassing everything from surf rock instrumentals to pop to folk rock to psychedelia to progressive rock to space rock and just good old rock and roll. Last year, the internationally revered singer, songwriter, guitarist, and 2011 Grammy Nominee received a call from Mac MacArthur, the son of Glenn MacArthur, who ran the Glenn label, which was home to a number of Southern California groups in the late fifties and sixties. Mac informed Merrell he was combing through the archives and asked if he wanted the master tapes he discovered amid the digging. Merrell had forgotten all about these recordings, which never transpired onto vinyl, and readily accepted Mac's offer. And that is how "The Lost Desert Tapes" came to be.

The tracks by Merrell's bands, Merrell And The Exiles and Fapardokly, were recorded between the years 1964 and 1966. A Chuck Berry styled rouser, "Make It Back To Memphis," is punctured with girly squeals, giving the song a live feel, where "13th Child" crackles to a primitive garage rock pose, and "Love Only You," and "You've Been Untrue," are sliced of pure pop applications indebted to the harmonious guitar pop of Buddy Holly, the Beatles, and the Beau Brummels. Fapardokly's "The Music Scene" is a different version than the one featured on the band's classic self-titled album, as this cut includes a spoken word introduction. An astute commentary on the biz, the song articulates how tough it is for bands to get a break and even if success and stardom is attained, there is a price to pay. Buoyed by a sparkling folk rock polish, "The Music Scene" cribs visible cues from both the Byrds and Buffalo Springfield.

A relatively unknown group, the Velvetones are also presented on the set. Shaking with manic energy, there's the frat rock fashioned "Fuzzy Wuzzy," while the rest of the band's material are instrumentals combining surf rhythms with rather exotically raw edges. "On The Beach," "Velvet Stroll," "Moon Shadows," and the fast paced "Gerico" portray the band's youthful charm and exuberance to lasting effects.

Not only is "The Desert Tapes" a nice memento for Merrell Fankhauser's many fans, but it further checks in as a nifty document of a certain time and place. A must have for those in thrall to largely pre-British Invasion sounds, the historic collection sells for $18 and can be ordered from Ocean Records, PO Box 1504, Arroyo Grande, CA 93421.

Review made by Beverly Paterson/2014
© Copyright

THE LOST DESERT TAPES: Merrell & Exiles, Velvetones, Fapardokly *Fankhauser*

Sub-GenreRock 'n' Roll
Geschwindigkeit33 U/min
PlattengrößeLP (12 Inch)
Herstellungsland und -regionDeutschland
EANNicht zutreffend

Morning Dew Records MDL 008

14 Songs from 1964-1966, unreleased and on the shelf for 50 years!
Including a reprint of an original handmade poster for a dance with MERRELL AND THE EXILES.

Brand new and just released on our own label!
180g LP, 500 copies made!

“I was surprised in October of 2013 when I got a call from Mac MacArthur the son of Glenn MacArthur who owned Glenn Records the label that recorded my group and many other high desert area groups in the late fifties and 60’s! 

Mac said he had found several boxes of my master tapes when they were cleaning out the 50 year old archives and would I want the tapes? 

We made the 200 mile trip from the California central coast to the high desert area of Antelope Valley, 

I couldn’t believe what I was seeing in the boxes on the floor at the MacArthur’s house! Glenn had died in 1999 and stored all of his tapes and records from over fifty years of recording in a freezer truck and parked it on his property way out in the desert near the little town of Rosamond.

I was amazed when I started playing the tapes and found unreleased songs from 1964 to 1966 that I had written and recorded and totally forgotten about! It featured future members of Captain Beefheart’s band, 

HMS Bounty and MU. There was also eight songs by a southern California instrumental Surf band called “The Velvetones” that never achieved much acclaim and only had a rare single released on Glenn Records around 1965, tracks 6. and 7. are very good vocals by the group. 

The last take is an out take by my band Fapardokly of “The Music Scene” that has a spoken intro that wasn’t on the original Fapardokly LP.

It was like finding a long lost buried treasure!”
 - Merrell Fankhauser