Thursday, May 14, 2015

High School QB Fulfills Seven-Year Promise, Takes Friend With Down Syndrome To Prom

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You go, Mary Lapkowicz! You go, Ben Moser!
Moser, a junior high school quarterback for Susquehanna Twp., Penn. stayed true to a promise delivered to a dear friend, dating from when they were in fourth grade.  According to the Patriot News, longtime buddies Moser and Lapkowicz wouldn’t let changes of schools get in the way of going to the Prom together.
Around the final days of that influential fourth-grade year, Moser told his mom that he wanted to take Lapkowicz to prom when they were old enough. Even though Lapkowicz switched school districts in the sixth grade, Moser recalled of his former pledge when the two reunited over a cross-town football game last year.
Lapkowicz too, remembered the vow, something her father said had always been on her mind. A vow Moser followed into fruition, and nailing the proposal –presenting Lapkowicz with balloons annotated “Prom?”
You can read more of this beautiful story here.

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