Thursday, April 23, 2015

SDC Digital Pulls the Radio Plug on PromoBuzz

SDC Digital Pulls the Radio Plug on PromoBuzz

MEMPHIS TN (IFS) --  The European promotion's company PromoBuzz/AirplayBuzz and SDC OmniMedia Group's Digital Radio Networks, appears to have pulled the plug on each other, as a total war exists between the two when it comes to requesting "extra material" from the artists.  PromoBuzz considered SDC Digital's request "as too much" and SDC's request was noted as "Spam" to the artist's they have submitted to SDC Digital.

PromoBuzz's accusations of "Spam" toward SDC Digital several days ago exploded into a mass riff in communications, as CEO/President Kenneth Howard Smith requested that they call him, and PromoBuzz decided they did not want to talk and explain their position which could have been worked out.  However, PromoBuzz believes that their position is much more superior and domainate then the 60 year old's SDC Digital Radio Networks.

As PromoBuzz attempts to open up it's distribution marketing for their artists in the United States, it was a perfect situation with SDC Digital's mass promotion between it's much weighted radio stations that have helped artists earned several Grammys, Oscars and Emmys in the United States in 2013 and 2014.

Smith futher added, ". . . PromoBuzz needs us.  We don't need them."  With that, Smith ordered all SDC Digital Radio Networks to pull the plug on all PromoBuzz/AirplayBuzz products, and to considered them as "spam".

It's a really hard breakup that will effect world artists who want their products exposed in the United States.  PromoBuzz/AirplayBuzz Promotions group and the super radio promotions arm of SDC OmniMedia Group's Digital Radio Networks at this point in time do not see a solution to this issue soon.

It all started out as just a simple misunderstanding that grew into a large heated debate on the terms of how PromoBuzz's promotions packaging was put together and distributed.

SDC Digital Radio requested that each on the submitted songs to them has the songwriters and publishers for each song listed in the submission for auditing purposes, thereby requested that the artists mail them a "physical" CD of the product to their Memphis Digital Distribution house.

However, PromoBuzz quickly emailed Kenneth Howard Smith, CEO/President of SDC OmniMedia Group and told them that PromoBuzz considered their request and demand of extra material from the artist's as "spam" and were in contempt of losing their accreditation with their organization.

SDC OmniMedia Group has a musical longevity of over 60 years, starting back in the 1957 with distribution of vinyl promotion discs, including the early KDRC Radio distribution to Armed Forces Radio for the United States Military.

Smith considers PromoBuzz threats as "over the top" and unplugged them.  As SDC OmniMedia Group is one of the early pioneers of Internet Radio with one of the oldest playlists, and usually one is guaranteed positive response when listed on the Digital Radio Networks listing from Advertising Agencies and artists looking for "that" song to perform.

SDC is one of the last real innovators of indie music and promotion.

Before this riff, PromoBuzz was delivering an average of 20 artists from all over the world per day to SDC Digital.  Smith told PromoBuzz that the lost is the to artists of PromoBuzz and will not hurt SDC Digital Radio at all as SDC has other deals with RadioDirectX, Airplay, MusicSubmit, Billboard, Musik and Film Records, Nite*Sky Digital Promotions, and several other digital companies.

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