Thursday, April 9, 2015

When Child Support Kills Walter L Scott and Places Officer Michael T. Slager on Death row

When Child Support Kills
MEMPHIS TN (IFS) -- Walter L Scott was killed by police  officer Michael T. Slager on a stop for an alleged "broken tail light".  However, it appears that the stop  was because of Scott's alleged arrearages in his child support.
Officer Slager knew what the stop was all about when he pulled Scott over.  It was a point of contention that  started the confrontation.  Now that Mr. Scott is deceased and unable to pay any of his child support at all, the family, the county, the state and Mr. Scott all loose out on the money.  This is a real case of killing the goose that lays the golden eggs.
So now, the children are dependent on "welfare", the cop is charged with murder and will loose his life, Mr. Scott is dead and the big winner is the state for enforcing the murdering laws, and the city and county feeling very proud of itself for enforcing the laws that gun down parents who are behind in paying their child support.
So what we have here is state ordered sanctioned murder of parents who are not paid up to date on their child support.  Officer Slager will be known for the rest of history as the cop who killed a parent because he was delinquent in paying his child support.
Do you think that the situation was just a little bit over the top?  Or maybe it was justified to kill Mr. Scott, who was in the same category as a mad dog murdered, Boston bombers, bank robbers that killed the tellers, drive-by  shooters that kill passersby's, and o yea, people that run over little children and family dogs?
As a family support agency in North Charleston, South Carolina, they should be really proud of themselves this week, as they have just eliminated a dangerous non-child support payment person from the ranks of the most dangerous people of the earth; a parent that has his or her payments in the arrears. 
So the laws have killed two good people, the person who was behind in paying his child support, and the cop who killed him in the name of those "poor" children, who are going hungry and will not get
enough cheerios for tomorrows breakfast. 
God, I feel safe all ready!

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