Sunday, April 24, 2016

Houston: The Legend of Texas (1986)

The American West has produced more than its share of legends, but none greater than the true-life story of Sam Houston. Sam Elliott is the frontier hero and statesman whose bravery and vision led to the creation of…Texas! 1829 - Sam Houston's career as the popular governor of Tennessee ends in disgrace and heartbreak. He treks back to the happy place of his boyhood among the Cherokee Indians. Houston finds love with a part-Cherokee (Devon Ericson) and honor as he negotiates peace among warring tribes. Yet the U.S. Government destroys his triumph by coldly seizing the Cherokee land. In despair, he heads up to the Mexican territory of Texas to join his old friend Jim Bowie (Michael Beck) in an epic fight for the liberation of what will one day be the state of Texas. A star-studded cast including James Stephens as Stephen Austin recreate a pivotal crossroads of the United States...when Sam Houston has "GONE TO TEXAS."

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