Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Theodore's Open Garden Backyard Cell Phone Repair Shop

MEMPHIS TN (IFS) -- When little mishaps happen, it's a live changer for that moment.  Theodore's Smartphone repairman has more business than he can handle, and he needs your help by becoming a smartphone repair person for your career.  The machines are here to stay and they are only getting smarter.

Now is your chance to train yourself in a couple of weeks to become a person of importance when your new client sends you their smartphone that dropped in the stew, or you need to turn your phone in to somebody when you are finished with it.

Here's a People's cellphone flea market:

Yes.  They all worked at one time and possibly still working for the citizens who just want a cellphone just with simple controls.
We can fixed those too.

Every Cell Phone is Different and must be repaired according too its manufacturers guidelines and quality parts,

Got Questions:  We Got you an answer!!

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