Monday, October 5, 2015

Merrell Fankhauser - Signals From Malibu

This legendary guitarist was given some mysterious radio signals recorded underwater off the coast of Malibu. 

Not only were they eerie and mysterious, but they were inspirational as well, as Merrell Fankhauser heard music within and chose to write songs working off what he was hearing from these strange signals.

Also fun is that he chose to work mostly in the terrain he got started in back in the early sixties instrumental surf guitar.  

He does a wonderful job with these ten songs offering a variety of moods, subtle stylistic shifts, and interesting arrangements.

But it his relaxed west coast sensibility that brings a calmness to these melodies, even on the nice rockers like ‘Mysto Spot’.

This is a lovely little treat to fill out your Merrell Fankhauser record collection. He is still going strong and is definitely one of the most interesting musicians that all too few people have heard of, despite over 50 years in the business. It is not too late to get your ticket
for your space age ride with Merrell Fankhauser.

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