Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Crye-Leike Property Management - Real Estate Predators and Con Artists

MEMPHIS TN (IFS) -- If you are a small business property owner, this writer strongly suggests that you stay far away from these cut-throats and thieves.  The terrible stories connected with the old company is enough to drive you to drinking and doing something very awful to these people.

First of all, go to any other property management company for management.  They love to create false documents and work orders for "phantom jobs" to your property, and it's always hundreds to thousands of dollars over and above the job, if there is one.  If you get something done by them, it's always an emergency and they keep your money.

During inspections for final, they always side with the tenant and their "mock inspections" never points to the obvious issues caused by the tenant, but always to the property owners as being at fault..

My daughter sent me this email as an attachment to Mr. Phil Gentry, Crye-Leike chief inspector, and it is full of holes, and he never gives you the right story about your property.

The only thing this company is good for is stealing.  Take your business elsewhere and leave these people alone.

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