Wednesday, March 11, 2015

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Dear fellow indie music-lovers,

2015 is turning out to be a bright and wonderful year for the music industry, and with that comes Indie Music Reviewer’s full-fledged return. With the return of regular content and releases, we are proud to announce our partnership with Indiekrapht—the perfect blend of passion for the indie music scene and promotion of festivals & large-scale platforms for musicians across the globe.

Indiekrapht - Discover More


What is Indiekrapht?
In August, 2011, Nate Kieser launched the website IndieMusicReviewer with Victor Alfieri as Senior Editor and Head Writer. This site focused entirely on independent and small-labeled musicians, providing album and live show reviews, interviews and videos. In one year, they partnered with ReverbNation, created features like “Women of Indie” and “Indie Acoustic,” held the first IMR Music Festival in Atlanta, and their Facebook followers grew to over 14,000.
The site took a hiatus, and Alfieri started the website Wordkrapht in November, 2012 to continue the work that had already begun. He and his staff continued their relationship with ReverbNation, developed their own feature, “FeminINDIE,” and have covered over 1,000 artists in the two years since the site’s launch.
The dynamic duo of Kieser and Alfieri has come back together to create IndieKrapht. Kieser is the musician, video/photo man & dreamer. Alfieri is the groupie, word man & grounding influence.  They are yin and yang, sweet & sour, their strengths fitting perfectly together to create a powerful team.
IndieKrapht will keep on in the tradition of what these two men love best – finding and promoting the amazing independent musicians of any style of music from all four corners of the globe. IndieKrapht will sponsor events, create festivals and provide a platform for independent musicians all around the world.
Our first event to be sponsored by Indiekrapht will be on 5/15/2015 at The Music Room in Greenville, SC.  Please join us to celebrate the birth & launch of Indiekrapht with DAMSGrown Up Avenger StuffJoie., and Signs Of Iris at The Radio Room: WPBR.
Please connect & email us at Tell us your story and let’s discover more together.

Additionally, we have several new options for artists and promoters to reach out to their fans through IMR Magazine. We are currently offering an ad plan of “$30 for 30 Days” of website advertising to reach out to 45,000+ viewers on the website each month.
Want an ad in our magazine and on the website?
Perfect—for a limited time we have our Publicist’s Special which can be seen here.

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