Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Adventures of Paso Jack Starring RG Ingersoll

Posted By InterNetics eMagazine at KDTN RADIO ONE RG’s ALL NITE FUNK BAND – Thousand Shadows – Single spurs SOS National search for missing singer

MEMPHIS TN (IFS) – The new unreleased dance single by RG’s All Nite Funk Band “Thousand Shadows” has started to race up the National and Global charts for the singer, Diane Anderson who has been missing for over twenty years. Anderson, one of the last recording artists with the Gordy Family empire disappeared after signing a long term contract. She has been musically silenced for over twenty-five years. Ingersoll along with longtime Platinum Sound Records president, Debby Clinton; Prentiss Anderson, longtime record producer and artist are helping in the hunt of Diane. The project is taking on a life on its own, and a television campaign is in the works for her whereabouts. The Single is being used as an S.O.S. - E.T. Call Home Moment. Ingersoll prays that the outcome is a positive outcome. We will deal with the outcome at the time of discovery. If you have any information on the whereabouts of Diane Anderson of Motown Records and HOTRAX Productions, please give him a post at HOTRAX@hotmail.com. The last know photographs of Diane Anderson is with Merrell Fankhauser and Cindy Bandes doing the "Some Of Them Escaped It All" Sessions at Emerald City Recording Studios, in Pismo Beach, California around June 1985.

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